Daily News, Mon, Jan 13

Big congrats to Jorge Maravilla and Megan Arboghast for taking tops at USATF Trail Championships Bandera 100k. Results coming soon.  Looks like Western States just got a bit more competitive!

The Smithsonian says the ultrarunners get better with age.

I want to kloof. Sounds like fun.

Idea born on the trails: Start a company that manufactures and sells discontinued shoes. Yeah, yeah, the business model of selling something that didn’t sell in the first place may need some tweaking, but it sounds like a fun idea.  See which models people would start with over on our FB page.

If you’re running Leadville, Ian’s got some good advice for you.

Always some good race reports over at runrace.net.

Here’s a list of the brave souls taking in the inaugural Tahoe200.

Seventy five year old runs a sub 7 minute mile. And yes, she’s doing fine.

I’m not sure if this article is a parody or not.

Jill is trying out bonk running. Have you?

Great plan: If you run, you get beer. If you don’t, you don’t.

Ten reasons why Country to Capital is the ideal first ultra.

Well, it makes sense.  The treadmill was invented in prison.

This is one of the worst lists I’ve ever seen. Not even any women? Really?

“I’m not that confident, but I hate to lose to anybody so if we ever have the chance to race again I’ll be going for the win.”  Yes, I’m a Japanese distance running fanboy. (LINK FIXED)

Have you seen the world’s fastest trail dogs?

NUC: So a pimp up in Portland (with a seemingly unpronounceable first name) beats a guy to a pulp. Guess who gets sued?

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