Daily News Mon, Jan 14

cone peakGood read: The Sports Science Guy dissects dehydration, heat stroke, and cardiac arrest.

Here we go again…HOKAs against the world.

Did you hear our brand spankin new interview with Davy Crockett?

Developing a better sense of pace.

Spartathlon entries are open.

That picture right there is from listener Michael Jimenez. It’s of Cone Peak in Big Sur and it’s the highest coastal peak in the lower 48. 33% ave gradient. 5,135 ft 11 mile run from coast to summit. 7,950 ft of total gain.  Yes, please.

Conditions were tough, but that didn’t stop runners at the Bandera 100k on Saturday. Sage Canaday set a new CR, followed by Mackey, Paul Terranova (who snagged a WS entry), Speedgoat Karl Meltzer, Erik Stanley, and Gary Gellin. Unfortunately, I can’t find any results for the ladies. Can anyone help out? Thanks!

The great antioxidant myth?

This guy has crammed more cool outdoor activities in a few weeks than I knew existed. No, really. Rollerskiing?

How often do you race? Ellie discusses the topic here.

Did you want to see some trail pics from the Australian Alps?

Olive Oil Joe finally gets around to posting his 2012 Year in Review…and it was quite a year!

Getting stuck and finding balance.

We announced the winners of the caption contest right here.

Equipment tips for the ultrarunner, part one.

Max King and King Dobson named Trail Runners of the Year.

I’m not sure I fully understand Kiwi-lingo, but it seems this dude is going to ride in a velodrome for 24 hours and try to hit 650km…just over 400 miles.


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