Daily News, Mon, Jan 20


Pam Smith has her toenails removed (check out the uncensored pic) and earns herself a permanent place in the Black Toenail Hall of Fame…despite having no toenails.

Mo Farah heads to the Rift Valley to train for the marathon.

Big congrats to Gary Robbins and Gina Slaby for taking tops at HURT100 this past weekend. We’re chatting with #2 female Candice Burt to hear how it all went down.

Has anyone had this Vermont beer? Worth it?

According to this, doping has infiltrated triathlon.

Runner rescued after getting lost and cold during The Spine race in the UK.

New issue of UK mag UltraTales released. Definitely check it out.

Short news day today. Back full time tomorrow.  Have a great day off!

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