Daily News, Mon Jan 21

Truncated Daily News today. It’s a holiday in America.

Split-toe shoes…here we go again!

Sitting is the smoking of our generation.

james_brown-Clay_KeithHot pants!

Lauren Fleshman bids adieu to Nike and Portland and moves to Bend to take on new adventures.  Trail running? Come on Lauren!

A provocative piece about reinventing yourself as a trail runner.

Sarah Lavender Smith reminisces about the start of her running career. Great stuff.

Big congrats to Gary Robbins and Hannah Roberts for winning HURT this weekend. Other finishers include Jason Loutitt, Leigh Schmitt, Candice Burt, The Fruitarian Mike Arnstein, Catra Corbett, and Ken Michal, among others.

…speaking of the Fruitarian, didya see the article in Outside Magazine about him?

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