Daily News, Mon, Jan 26

Fascinating: How Kenyans do their long runs.

Candice’s top ten reasons to DNF an ultramarathon.

Tarawera is a big 100k on the world circuit, which means it’s really big in New Zealand. Here’s more.

I’d wondered what happened to David Riddle, now I know. Heal up!

Where the heck are your shoes when you’re looking for them?

Stephanie trains on a rooftop in Gaza or a treadmill and just ran Hong Kong 100k, where she went out too hard, wiped out a few times, barfed all over the place, and still did pretty well. Nice!

In-depth interview with Ellie G.

I’m sure you’ve seen that picture of the runner who shat himself mid-race.  Catch up with him here...and think about how hard it’d be to run sub-6mpm pace while doing…that.

It’s well below freezing in northern Minnesota. Sounds like a great day to race 135 miles.  And after the extensive mandatory gear list, there’s this: YOU CAN STILL BE STUPID WITH ALL THE GEAR, KNOW HOW TO USE IT

What goes on at the World Mountain Running Association annual meeting? 

I generally roll my eyes at the thought of gluten and sugar-free pastries, but we had these at The Canyons training run yesterday and they were fantastic.

That race is gearing up to have quite a field, because what’s a better prep for States than a race on the hardest section just seven weeks before the Big Dance?

This guy was racing a half in Florida, bonked, died, and is now relaxing back at home. Wait, what?

What drives people to do extreme ultras?

UK readers: Have you tried this stuff? 70% ABV? Blimey!

From the Maybe it’s a Joke File: Beer brewed with endangered whale testicles that’ve been dried in the smoke of sheep manure. I can’t wait to read the beeradvocate reviews...”A slight salty testicly front with orange and coriander and the distinct pungency of sheep crap.”

Kilian just won a vertical mile Skimo race in Andorra.

My roadie crush Lauren is training on the trails in Albuquerque.

Awesome response to Dawn Wall skeptics.

Didya hear the new podcast with Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein?  Listen to it now…definitely a fun conversation with a dynamic guy.

Paula Radcliffe’s marathon record is stout…and she’s running her swan song race in April.

Girl Scout Cookies and beer go together like aid stations and potatoes.

Two more running camps coming this summer here and here. Both are in Colorado in high altitude.  These seem to be getting reallllly popular.  With so many choices, what do you look for in choosing one? Date? Location? Who’s hosting?



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