Daily News, Mon Jan 28

Leadville doesn’t care.

Here’s an ultra fell run in the UK that mandates runners adhere to a plant-based diet.

Complete guide to trail running in Salt Lake City.

How do you combine Radiohead and Lance? Find out here.

366 marathons in 365 days.

That great photo on the front page and this video are of listener Kevin Tilton snowshoe running in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Inspired and beautiful running.

Study: Altering the rest interval during high-intensity interval training does not affect muscle or performance adaptations. Details here.

Badwater applications open up in a few days.

Galen Rupp throws down a 3:50.9 indoor mile. Here’s the video.  Meanwhile, Mary Cain set the American HS mile record with a 4:32.8. Video here.

We interviewed Craig Thornley and Meghan Arboghast yesterday about the “State of the Sport”, prize money, Western States, being a badass, and why AJW needs a new jockstrap. Stay tuned for its release.

Shortened news day today. Family obligations.

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