Daily News, Mon, Jan 5

Anyone run The Grand Canyon of North Carolina?

So you can’t just take a pill to make you thin and fit?

Why winter is no excuse to stop running.

This Canadian jogger runner was prepared for a long back country run, but her GPS bonked and she ultimately had to be rescued.

Five Colorado running coaches recall inspiring performance from 2014.

NUC: Homebrew labels are getting pretty cool.

My (not so) secret runner crush: Lauren Fleshman.

Foot blisters: How to treat them.

Lists, schmist. Do you think the UROY voters are a fair representation of today’s scene? And IRF gets two votes? Come on.

Awesome video to set your year off right.

Ten good resolutions for outdoor enthusiasts.

You busy mid-June? Here’s a 56k in Spain with 9k’+ of gain and an average climb of 15% (and sections above 50%!) Video right this way.

…or maybe spend mid-July with Rob in Flagstaff? (Only if his wife Christina is handling the food.)

I think it’s fair to say that Leor had a pretty epic year of adventure runs. Wow!

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