Daily News Mon Jan 7

The fundamentals and benefits of taking time off from training.

What would you do if you were attacked on a run?

A call to embrace a wild life.

Why are women runners less competitive than men?

This means that we will run about 140 miles to the start of the race, then we will join many other runners for the 135 mile race itself.” Who else, but Charlie Engle. Hear his podcast here.

Why sugar is a runners enemy.

What the GoPro was invented for. Heh.

Wow! Check out how much it costs to climb Everest. I knew it was expensive, but had no idea it was this bad.

I had the pleasure of meeting and running with world class Masters runner Mike Sweeney yesterday. Here’s his incredible story from the 2006 Badwater. Mike’s 58 and is heading to HURT100 next week.

“You’re like jumping over all this stuff,” he said, “you’re getting muddy, you can even bleed.”  Pay attention to this badass 8 year old.

Interesting study on the effectiveness of ice baths.

The Clymb has a bunch of Montrails on sale right now. Just picked up some Rogue Racers for $55. Sweet!

Hmmmm, Devon and Larissa have mapped out a 50miler from Pt Reyes to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Fatass anyone?

A week’s run through middle earth.


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