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Is running with a handheld bottle slowing you down?

Photo Rachel Ekberg
Photo Rachel Ekberg

Catra Corbett video for REI. Here’s our podcast with her  where she drops our favorite “Hi this is Catra Corbett and I’d rather…” liner for us so far.

<–Check out that pic of Jacob Rydman at mile 65 with his awesome (and pregnant) wife Sara.  Unfortunately his day ended 20 miles later.  Here’s the corresponding report from Jake.

Pics from WS100 here, here, and here.  If you’d like any in hi-res, shoot me an email. Sorry about some of the formatting. I was updating on the fly during the race.

How many beer names can there be?

The TdF started over the weekend, and Zoe Romano is still running the course, planning on finishing the day before the riders. Go Zoe, go!

….speaking of still running, it’s day 16 at Sri Chinmoy, and there are still 9 people out running, with the leader having accumulated over 1000 miles so far.

“When you run a hundred miles, a couple of beers isn’t a problem.” 

A true conundrum...from homebrewers.com.
A true conundrum…from homebrewers.com.

Rickey Gates is getting ready for Mount Marathon, one of he craziest looking races in the world.  From the course desc: Protective gear such as helmets, gloves, goggles, knee and elbow pads are recommended.

iRunFar has got a bunch of post-WS interviews for ya.

This past weekend also featured the Mont Blanc Marathon in the French Alps. Anxious to see/hear about results from this beautiful event.

Love the sass: It doesn’t count unless….

Is it bad for runners to wear flip-flops?

More WS100 stories, blogs, reports, and pics will be trickling in throughout the week.





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