Daily News, Mon, July 14

Speedgoat is coming up this weekend (yep, another “stoutest field ever” race!) with the likes of Anton, Sage, Cam, Mackey, Wolfe, Vargo, Hal, Rickey and more all running.  I’ll have a few preview interviews and the guys from ultrasportslive.tv will be there with live feed on race day.

Scott Jurek has a running camp in British Columbia.

Ultra swimmer. Whoa. “Like the English Channel, but with sharks.”  Key line: “Locke said he had one thought: ‘Get me the hell out of here.'”

Oh dear. When will be the first time we see a flower-bearded runner?

Meghan Arbogast’s Statesreport.

NUC, but wow: The uncertainty of what today will bring.

Physically, I’m as flexible as a steel rod, but I guess that’s a good thing?

In case ya missed it, Kilian destroyed Kyle Skaggs’ Hardrock record on Saturday. Great coverage by iRunFar, and an amazing video right here that shows the little Spaniard’s descending prowess. The gal talking nailed it: “What the hell?”

Matt Trappe’s photos from the race.

And here’s the story of Adam Campbell and his pacer getting struck by damn lightning around mile 60.

Some buff guy in Teva sandals won Vol State 500k this morning.

Video: Every runner has a reason.

Almost a year of self reflection brings me back to honest failure and what one can learn from putting it all out there and falling short.  What can we learn when we believe with all our hearts that we can accomplish something and throw everything into it with everything we have and still come up short?

It’s taken Ashby a year to write this DNF report, and it’s a good one.

Nice trails and views from the Lake District in the UK.

I didn’t do it. Honest. I was out…uh…running, or something.


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