Daily News, Mon, July 15


Badwater starts today. Here’s the webcast.  For a little historical perspective, here’s our interview with Mike Wardian after he finished in 2011 and here’s our interview with Mike Morton right after missing the record by 76 seconds last year.

Tyson Gay (and Asafa Powell) busted for PEDs. That means that 8 of the top 10 100m runners of all time have been busted! And yes, I think Bolt is juicing too, recognizing that among other things, his strength coach was a BALCO chemist.  How to clean up Track and Field from The New Yorker.

Does anyone believe that PEDs aren’t being used in MUT running?  We’ve got to start having an honest discussion about this with a focus on out of competition testing.

Interesting: USADA’s “red flags”…are your supplements banned?

Rad video of  guy going on an epic MTB trek across Eastern Europe.

Will running ever get easier? A dialogue with a Deadspin journo and his running playlist. Salty language alert.

Seb Chaigneau and Darcy Africa take top honors at Hardrock.  Here’s IRF’s breakdown.

Meanwhile, Joe Fejes set a new Vol State record (and since it’s the last one, it’ll stand forever, I guess) in 3 days, 8:10:16 for the 500k trek across Tennessee.

…and there are still 12 Sri Chinmoy runners out there, chugging along on day 29(!) and nearing the 2,000 mile mark.  A little perspective…the top guy has been running 460+ mpw for almost a month!

Here’s a quickie on Nikki.

…and a new issue of the UK’s Ultra Tales is out with a free download. Good stuff!

Hmm, so now participating in endurance events is going to shorten our life span?

There’ll be a test: Understanding pain.


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