Daily News, Mon, July 21

Scott Dunlap takes a DNS at TRT due to reasons many of us can relate to.

…meanwhile, Bob Shebest grabbed a repeat win at the race, and Roxanne Woodhouse snagged the win for the ladies.  Thunderstorms, rain, and flooding were apparently a major issue and results are still being adjusted.

Didya catch my latest interview with John Burton? He’s a normal guy (well, aside from the speedo) who had a killer run at his first Hardrock. Found out how.

Nine reasons you’re running slow…and how to fix them to get faster.

Flyin’ Brian Robinson is back to blogging. Yeehaw!

Sage and Anna Frost take top honors at Speedgoat this year.  IRF’s results breakdown here. Anton was a DNS.

Vermont 100 results not yet posted right this way.  File that under the second section of the next link.  Thanks Mike D.

An RD shares his pet peeves about runners.…and vice versa.

The guys at trailandultrarunning review a sassy new running kilt.

Study: Vegetarians live longer. Yeah, but do they live happier? Give me my sushi!

(NUC) No Ultra Content whatsoever, but this may be my new favorite (ridiculous) sport.

Forget the belt…here’s the ring. h/t Stu.

Tip for running in China: Don’t pee on the Forbidden City.

Track Badwater live here.


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