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Hey, hey, check out our new podcast with Alan Abbs. Fresh off a new course record from the crazy Vol State, Alan shares some tales on just what the hell happens in a 500 kilometer road race across Tennessee.

Read this post by Duncan Callahan: Remaking the body and dealing with fatigue

USA Mountain Running Championships were this weekend in NH. Full results here, but the only name that really stands out is Max King.

Does the amount of cushioning in your shoes reduce injury risk?  Isn’t this discussion from three years ago?

Vermont 100 had a tight finish with Chad Rickfels finishing just 3 minutes behind Jason Lantz to grab second place. Meanwhile, Grand Slammers Nick Clark and Ian Sharman finished right behind them. Larisa Dannis took it for the ladies. Full results here.

Bob Shebest and Emily Judd took top honors at Tahoe Rim Trail in a hot hot hot race where temps caused many runners to bail early. Results right this way.   Here’s Jean Pommier’s DNF report. If Jean DNF’s, you know it’s a tough day.

A 95-yea-old record setter’s rules to run by.

Video: Part three of Anton’s Nolan’s 14 attempt.

The best music for running, except that I see Taylor Swift and Kesha on that list and immediately discount it.

Get to know Ruby Muir before her Speedgoat run next week.

Track fans: Should the women’s hurdles be raised?

Candice Burt had a bit of an “existential crisis” during her FKT attempt and stopped at mile 108. I get it.

Attention RDs: If you’ve got emails with wacky demands and questions from entrants, please send them to [email protected]. He’s designing a site and from I’ve seen, it’s going to be hilarious. All names will be omitted. Thanks.

Ian Corless snapped some great pictures at the Dolomites SkyRace. Check them out here.

Create a performance bubble before a big race so you don’t choke.  Kind of silly, but I could see doing some of these mid race to get out of a bonk.

Have you thought about running Zane Grey 50? Here’s a great video that shows the race well.

And in personal news, my vertical beer mile record was broken–by a female!–on Saturday, which means I need to start training for next year’s event.

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