Daily News, Mon, July 28

Want to know what it’s like to climb Mt Everest? Check this out.

Nickademus’ running zen #4: Don’t be bound by the past.

Trail pics from around the globe.  Cool collection from the guys at trailandultrarunning.com.

Whoa! This is what your legs look like after a stage of the Tour de France.

I may have to take a road trip to Washington for the Olympic Park loop.

Are the Daily News and podcasts worth a few bucks to you?  I chose three people at random who’ve contributed in the past 2 months and gave them each a brand new Simple Hydration bottle.

Want to become an awesome steeplechaser? Here’s a manual on how to do it.  Having the mental and physical skills on the trail wouldn’t hurt ya either.

Have a problem getting out bed in the morning? This might help…a hired bully.

NUC: If you’re the best climber in the world and choose to live a spartan lifestyle, this is what home looks like.

(Fast) running friends are friends with benefits.

Didya hear the new Brian Rusiecki interview? Killed it at Vermont and is heading over to UTMB next month. Definitely a fun guy with the right attitude.

Listener Michael and his friend hiked/ran across Iceland for 12 days. Here’s the photo album. I need to go there now.

The Caballo Blanco movie only has a few days left to get funded. Check it out.

Jenn Shelton finished her JMT trek on Saturday. I’m hoping I can track her down and hear the whole story.

Seems as if coconut water isn’t as healthy as originally claimed.

And an interesting piece on how the paleo diet got trendy.

Looks like four Ethiopians track runners will seek asylum in the US.  I hope it’s that, and not another crazy case like this one.

Two really important tips to keep you running longer.

I’d rather get really really lost than wear these.


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