Daily News, Mon, July 7

Ouch, a beer mile (starring Jenn Shelton and Nick Coury) at altitude.

Jean’s 24 hour race report. 

…and on the opposite end of the spectrum, Alycia Montano writes about her 800m run while 8 months pregnant.

And in case you’re trying to write a killer race report and need some guidance, start here. (h/t to Gary.)

Or there’s 44k’ feet of gain up and down the Manitou Incline a bazillion times. Wow!

If you can tolerate the worst photography ever, here’s a video from this weekends Mt. Marathon. And here’s a photo collection.

And here’s an interview with last year’s female champion.  Full 2014 results here.  I say it every year…I’ve GOT to get up there one year to do that race.

Post-WS interview with Alex Varner (our interview here), complete with DBo inadvertently photobombing half the chat.

One of the nicest guys in the sport: Timmy Olson’s journey to Hardrock.

Ian’s Hardrock race review.  Anyone want to guess (without looking!) how many times Kilian is mentioned?

Well this would certainly liven up a boring ultra, wouldn’t it? Who’s gonna do it on the track next year? Or maybe combine it with a beer mile for a new WR?

Guy runs a 5:48 mile in damn swim fins. Is this the same Zach Miller or yet another Zach Miller?

If ya couldn’t tell, I’m a natural skeptic who feels like half of scientific studies are garbage (despite being married to a scientist!)  Here’s a great way to start determining which ideas and studies are worthwhile.

One of the most desolate spots in the US…Northern California’s Lost Coast.  Leor ran it, and here’s the story.

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