Daily News, Mon, July 8

Did you hear our interview with vision-impaired ultrarunner/triathlete Richard Hunter? Unfortunately, Richard was hit by a car this past weekend and is pretty banged up. Just a reminder to stay safe on the roads and pay attention while driving. Get well soon, Richard!

The loneliness of the long distance adventurer.

Results from the IAU World Trail Championships.

Here’s a video from this years men’s Mt. Marathon. Wish they had a better video of the way back down, but wow! As Liz Lemon would say…tumblr_lz5u8m9pzn1qlxcu5o1_500

How to ice yourself.

Good stuff: Do you have a running mentor?

Ultrarunning in Death Valley.

How the riders will dope this year in the TdF. Boooo!!!

Report from a British lass who ran WS100 with an excellent description of the course.

The Angry Jogger succumbs to the heat.

We’ve had quite a few requests for Sunny Blende’s “What to do when things go wrong” chart that she spoke about last year. Here it is. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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