Daily News, Mon, June 16

Krissy Moehl video: What it takes to run 100 miles.

State of the Sport: Data about running and the industry. Interesting stuff.

Here’s IRF’s men’s preview for Western. We interviewed Karl and got his take on the field and will publish it soon.

We also interviewed an (elite) guest who said “I’m going to go out as hard as I can for the first sixty miles, make it to Foresthill, the probably walk it in.”  Who was it?

If you’re up in Tahoe the week of Western States, you’re gonna want to stop by the Alpenglow Mountain Festival.  Only problem is I saw no mention of breweries involved…

Running is banned in Burundi.  And ten bucks to whoever could place Burundi on a map.

Tips for running in humidity.  My advice? Don’t.

Read this: Dax on being an ultra parent.

Zach Miller bagged a 3rd at the grueling Mt Evans Ascent this weekend. Nice job!

Interested in learning more about NSAIDs? Listen to Ian’s podcast with a doc who talks about them at 2:53 or so.

Ever wonder who’s clearing the downed trees and making the trail great to run on? It’s these folks. Thank You!

And they’re off! The Sri Chimnoy 3100 mile run is under way in Queens, NY.

The singletrack mind stickers are back.  If you’d like one, better get on it soon. Thanks for helping out. I spend a lot of time on this site and appreciate the support.

We’ll be releasing 2-3 podcast this week in our Western States Preview. Stay tuned!

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