Daily News, Mon, June 17

Human evolution made us long distance runners, but it didn’t make us like it. Probably the wrong audience here, right?

Cool vector map of every single river in the United States.

Darkness video: How ultrarunning can strip away your emotional barriers.

My disappointing date with Scott Jurek.


Another top (Jamaican) sprinter gets busted for PEDs (a diuretic) and a Danish swimmer gets nailed for using Vic’s Vapor Rub.

See, the PED question is not so simple.

Tech time out. Yes!

Ritz gives advice on dynamic flexibility and drills for distance runners.

Bighorn 100 results here.

One month from today, Lisa Smith-Batchen will embark on her Badwater Quad…that’s 594 damn miles across Death Valley to raise money for safe drinking water. Read more about her “Badwater for Good Water” here. Wow!

There’s a new hundo in Idaho, and though it only provides “very basic food and water”, it’s only 80 bucks.

…or there’s the Olympus Mythical Trail 100k in Greece that looks pretty intense.

Rise 4700 feet in 7.6 miles. Ouch! Full Mt Washington Road Race results here. Sage took third.

Inspiring video of Coby Jacobus…ran in college, had a freakin’ kidney transplant, and came back to run a 2:41 marathon and completed some crazy trail runs. What’s your excuse?

With Western States coming up next week, here’s BP’s Mens Preview.

After losing his wife and daughters in a house fire, trail running is helping this guy recover.

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