Daily News, Mon, June 2

Ellie takes a win at the biggest, most competitive ultra in the world, Comrades, but pushes Canada and the UK closer to war in doing so. She’s Canadian! No, she’s a Brit!

I love the idea of “forest bathing.”

The pros and cons of injury.  Great stuff.

Stay safe out there: Six climbers fall to their deaths on Mt. Rainier.

New sticker. Releasing it soon. Stay tuned.
New sticker. Releasing it soon. Stay tuned.

Cory’s and my mind have similar thoughts. This definitely sounds like something I’d be into.

Nooooo! whatisultra is going on vacation and we won’t get new posts for a few weeks.

How to prepare for a high altitude race. My advice: Train at the height you’ll be running, not just “at altitude.”

Track news: Yep, I saw Rupp’s 10k AR. Pretty amazing stuff. But at risk of sounding like a letsrun hysteric, there’s a big asterisk next to it until his TUEs (Therapuetic Use Exemptions) are released.

Ahem: Paleo, vegan, gluten-free…the only certainty about health trends is their reversal.

Didya see our new comprehensive review of the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20? If you’re looking to head out for 3 days of running, this sucker will hold a bear canister!

If you’re getting ready for a looong week of desk work, you may not want to read this post.

Ding ding!  I ordered one of these running bells, but promise to only use it on jogging moms running three abreast.

If you’re looking to cash in on the Vibram settlement, here’s the claims site.

Sarah Lavender Smith and I are interviewing both Dakota Jones and Mike Wolfe today and I’ll release the episodes this week. Big thanks again to TheRunnersTea for sponsoring the show–and for making  a great tasting tea that gives me a little extra pep in the morning.

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