Daily News, Mon, June 24

Rawr, check out these two cougar hunters. Listen to their podcasts with us here and here.

Dakota Jones shatters Matt Carpenter’s San Juan Solstice record. Wow!

For the running geek who absolutely positively has to be connected to technology, I give you…computer socks.

Did you hear our new interview with Dylan Bowman?

100 miles. 14 summits over 14k feet. 90k feet vert. Wow! Tony K is attempting Nolan’s 14 today and Joe Grant is tweeting updates (@alpineworks) throughout the journey.

Speaking of nutty, didya see the SkyWire guy last night? As someone commented in our FB thread, the guy was either going to have an awesome R2R FKT or a totally disastrous DNF.  Luckily it was the former.

New, gender-specific hydration packs available for men and women. h/t to Eric S.

I’m not sure the URP Daily News counts as a “blog”, but here’s a list of a bunch of others.

These climbers were ready to climb Pakistan’s second highest peak (and the world’s 9th) and are summarily killed by Islamic militants. Booo!!!

Interesting article on how non-elite distance runners are largely disengaged from the elites, not interested in big races, and don’t really pay attention to the sport aspect of running.  So why does it seem like MUT runners are the complete opposite?

Did you see Karl’s predictions for Western States? But what’s up Karl? No more odds?

How much does excess weight impact your running performance?

Interesting: Acupuncture is a theatrical placebo: The end of a myth. Has it worked for you?

Pretty slow few days in ultra news…seems like people are getting ready for something this weekend…

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