Daily News, Mon, June 3

Sorry about missing last week. Reception was spotty in Bryce Canyon. After a 16 hour car ride yesterday with two kids and an exhausted wife, I’ll be back on full cylinders tomorrow. Race report to follow at some point.

Elite athletes often shine sooner or later–but not both.

How is Ellie dealing with injury?

You heard our new podcast with the Speedgoat Karl Meltzer, right?

Here we go again…a list of the World’s Toughest Ultras. Agree with them? Seem to be missing a few.

And in another ongoing debate, is running in minimalist shoes good for you?

Comrades highlights.  The winner believes that his countrymen need to work a bit harder.

Fifty miles on three weeks of training?

Looks like Chris Vargo set a new record at the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty in Colorado this weekend, while Mike Wolfe and Joelle Vaught set new records at Pocatello and Mike Wardian and Christina Clark took tops at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Virginia.

Hmmm, she’s banned for 2 years from a positive EPO test, now she’s getting headlines for winning races again. Yuck.

Yeah, so Usain Bolt has been in ads that have referenced marijuana. Let’s all get hysterical.




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