Daily News, Mon, June 9

Sri Chimony is starting soon, and William Sichel is going for the big 3100 miler. Aye.

Quickie with Dean K.

NUC: The spiritual death of a people trapped entirely indoors.

The tyrants of running fashion. Very interesting.

If you’re tired of hearing about Boulder and Flagstaff, here are some other mountain towns outside of the US.

I’ve had this happen for years. After a particularly tough run, I’ll have a metallic taste and smell like ammonia. Here’s why.

The beginner’s guide to multi-stage racing.  You can also listen to Sarah’s interview here where she breaks them down pretty well.

…speaking of stage races, check out this recap of a beautiful event in the Amazon.

And how did this list on urban running trails not include Sacramento? I can literally run from my house to Lake Tahoe (~140 miles) and only have to cross one road (Hwy 49 in Cool.) First 20 miles is a mix of equestrian single track and pavement, then pure trail after that.

Seven books on running. I’ve got 2, 4, 6, and 7. You?

Roes’ most mellow race report, circa 2009.  And from the same year: The letsrun kids freak out and proclaim hatred for ultrarunners.

As of this writing, neither San Diego, Old Dominion, or Pocatello had results posted. (Oops, some result below.)

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