Daily News, Mon, Mar 10

The semantics of ultra/trail running. I like the old school “footrace” term, but tend not to get bogged down with terminology.

Aussie David Byrne (no, not that David Byrne) teaches us how to get ultra quick.

What are the best beer regions in the US? This author wouldn’t give a direct answer…will you?

I was out at WayTooCool taking pics of all the runners (around mile 13, near the mine on Quarry). Here are the pics. Do what you want with them. I accidentally deleted all the HD images (d’oh!), but still have the regular res.  Here are some interviews with the winner and here’s ultrasportslive.tv’s great video footage.

“That time could be spent writing an era-defining novel, formulating strategies for world peace or just contemplating nature on a profound level.

“Instead we’re just running, running, running. Until we can’t run any more.”

Haha: Bored humans running to the point of exhaustion.

Tarawera preview for this weekend. Only two adjustments I know of: Rob Krar is out with busted ribs, and Meghan Arbogast has got Giardia (as far as I know she’s still running.)

Trail running doesn’t just mean single track: At the SP Crater Marathon this weekend, runners traversed the mileage on old paths with coyotes and cacti and ran around the crater that the Apollo astronauts used for training. Cool!

Interesting: How do gear companies decide next year’s colors?

Good read: Chronicles of an endurance athlete’s wife, part 2.

I’m still not wearing Hokas (gasp!), and although this is put out by the company, it’s still neat to learn more about the shoes and technology.

Here’s an interview with one of my favorite trail running photographers Matt Trappe.

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