Daily News, Mon, Mar 16

I don’t know of another pro athlete in any sport who has the diversity and depth of Max King.  Full results from LA Marathon right this way. Here’s Max’s Strava data from the race.  More race recaps here and here.

My new favorite running term: Whamsauced.

Many companies have been avoiding “Barbie gear,” started listening to MUT chicas and have been making gear targeted towards real women. Story here.

I chose some names at random on Friday and gave away some cool gear from The North Face and Feetures! socks.

Is it OK to pull someone out of a race for being too slow?

For true race stat geeks, nobody does it like realendurance.  Check out all the info from Way Too Cool. Wow!

It seems that the PCTA doesn’t want to cancel all trail races–just that they want to keep existing races to their current sizes and not add any for the time being. Am I missing something? Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Stephanie has her first DNF at Transgrancanaria. What caused it? What did she learn?  Here’s a cool video from the event.

Ten things Moses learned at the ITI.

Report and pics from the gorgeous Marin Ultra Challenge.

Here we go again: Exercising is unhealthy.

I reviewed a beer 3 years ago that was so-so.  Had an aged bottle this weekend and it blew my mind.  Review forthcoming.

What runners need to know about depression.

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