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Sage Canaday and Timmy Olsen go one, two at Tarawera with Ruby Muir taking it for the gals. Here’s a great recap from the boys at Ultra168.

Did you hear our new podcast with Richard Hunter? He’s a 3:17 marathoner who’s running his first ultra at American River 50M in a few weeks…and he’s totally blind.

Read this now: Four actionable ways to improve your running today.

Turns out Max King is mortal. He takes a close second to David Laney at Chuckanut while Jodee Adams-Moore wins it for the ladies. Full results here.

Meet Tim Hewitt, Iditarod badass.

These guys would make awesome ultrarunners.

Where are you most likely to get a stress fracture?

Burning Man Ultramarathon. Photo Cherie Yanek
Burning Man Ultramarathon. Photo Cherie Yanek

In 2011 we interviewed Cherie Yanek about the Burning Man Ultramarathon, an ultra held right in the middle of the Burning Man Festival. Here’s a short documentary on the race in all its splendid glory.

Five most overrated exercises you can stop doing. Heh. Easy for me, I was never doing any of them.

One day late on the green news, but here are seven green foods you need to be eating more of.

Track fans: The Pre Classic will play host to the Ethiopian 10k trials this year. Awesome!

I’m having a tough time with the Norwegian German translation, but it seems this trail ultra awards “crates of beer or cola” to finishers. Any help?

Anton is ramping up his volume, but his shin is still weary. It’s be great to see him back at it.

Twenty great adventure run ideas for the High Sierra.

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