Daily News, Mon, Mar 23

Great post about what it’s like being married to an endurance athlete.

Hate to be snarky, but I wonder what he could do if he actually ran the race.

It is a strange feeling to be trapped in your body, with your engine ready to go but two flat tires.

Sara Hall’s marathon debut report.

…and here’s Max’s report from the race.

Is there too much tech on the trails? Good stuff.

The new Young Money Ford Smith grabs a win at Antelope Island 50k this weekend. Hopefully there’s a report in the works.

Gorge 100k preview. That’s gonna be a race!

Christoph Strasser broke the 23 hour record on a bike this weekend. Guess how far he got. Wow!

Read this: The audacity of ultras.

Looks like Everest permits have looser language than some ultramarathons in the US.

Ultra runners make a good showing at the Oakland Marathon on Saturday taking 1st female and 1st masters male.  Full results here.  Devon just won Napa a few weeks ago and came back again to win this. I gotta have her on the show again.

Dax’s report from the Jerusalem Marathon. No matter your faith, that sounds like a neat race.

NUC, and ouch: The 31 things standing between you and your dreams.

Full Badwater Cape Fear results right here.

Nikki Kimball heads to the Fells. I’d love to hear more of her thoughts on the event. Here’s my interview with her from last year.

An ultramarathon parody song. Yep, strange.

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