Daily News, Mon, Mar 24

What’s your favorite “old school” race?  

Alright, I’m into some funky stuff, but anti-inflammatory cabbage compresses aren’t one one of them.

Here’s a new edition of URP’s Five Questions with Englishman Graham Carter

…and here’s a new podcast with Englishman, Grand Slammer, and almost-master Nick Clark.

Ah, so you want to get sponsored? Here’s how.

Five fantastic national parks. I’ve only been to two of them: Redwood and Yellowstone. You?

…and on the other spectrum, indoor trail running in Germany.  Interesting. Be sure to check out his photo albums.

If you listened to the podcast with Stephanie Howe, you heard her talking about going down to Arizona for a quick 50k to test her legs.  She won by almost 50 minutes.  I guess she’s in shape.

Check out these marathon records: An 11 yo running a 2:47! Scan down, and check out the dominance of Ed Whitlock.

Zach Bitter’s SC24 race report, where he set the new 200k record in 16:23. Wow!  Here’s our interview with Zack.

This can’t be a serious question, can it?

Though I don’t get the reference, The Fifty Shades of Grey approach to answering your running Avril Lavigne in Rolling Stone 09/2002questions.

Monday funnies: Avril Lavigne’s G8R Boi, reworked.

Snakes are starting to come out here in California. Here’s some snake bite First Aid for the trail. (And on a personal level, my long time XC coach lost his arm to a Rattler on a run, so it does happen…)

I’m going to live vicariously through Robbie Britton for awhile (in his little hut in the Canary Islands.)

Hello RDs, this sounds like an awesome HQ for a race in Arizona: A western town called Rawhide that hosts a big beer tasting.

Wondering what happened to David Riddle? He’s been sidelined with Osteitis Pubis. Read about his story here.

And didya see Frosty’s calendar?

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