Daily News, Mon, Mar 31

Do you get lost during trail races? I have twice, and the mistakes bug me to this day.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Uh-oh. Sounds like the Angry Jogger is going through a crisis of motivation. We’ve all been there.

Good news/bad news: I support the athletes’ rights to do battle with USATF, but dammit, but does it have to be at the meet right near my house that I’m so excited for???

This sounds like an interesting race. Fifty miles around a huge volcano in the Phillippines.

Here are some other options if you’d like to hike or run up, on, or in a volcano.

More on Kara Goucher’s move to Oiselle. And hey, I didn’t realize it was pronounced that way!

A review of the New Balance MT110, version 2. Anyone else tried this shoe?

Short news day today. I’m interviewing a Barkley runner, finishing up a piece on ultra parenting, and preparing to release another four podcasts this week that I’ve co-produced with the guys from ultrasportslive.tv. Busy busy!

Site news: I did a full site migration yesterday to a new server. It all looks like it went well, but if you experience anything funky, slow, or missing, please please let me know. Thanks!

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