Daily News, Mon, Mar 9

Ginger Runner’s awesome video from Orcas Island.

So who’s this dude beating Kilian’s records? Meet Karl Egloff.

Want free gear? RootsRated is running a rad contest and giving away a ton of stuff, including a trip to Jackson Hole. They’re not a show sponsor anymore, but this deal still looks pretty sweet

Marco Bonfiglio crushes the Graveyard 100 in NC with a 13:01. Yeah, it’s flat, but dang that’s fast! Full results here.

We used to talk about “yeah, but what’ll happen when some really fast road marathoners start doing 50k.” We found the answer on Saturday at Way Too Cool when Pat Smyth broke Max King’s CR en route to his first ultra finish. Megan Roche blasted the previous women’s CR in a similar fashion.  Here are some pics and podcasts. Full results here. Newspaper coverage here.

NYT covers the Caballo Blanco cancellation right here. I’ll be interviewing Israel today to get the full story.

Liza lays it out there: Sometimes life gets in the way, throws you a curveball,  screws up your training, sucks your time, and you’ve got to find a way to power through. (She’s pretty good at adapting…just listen to this interview.)

More on how the UCI protected Lance, despite knowing his status.

Drone racing on the trails: Super cool until I get hit in the face with one when coming around a turn.

Mike Wardian was on a cruiseship for the Spartan Race this weekend and attempted a 50k WR on a treadmill with a 3:06. He found out that wasn’t fast enough, so ran another one the next day in a 3:03:56, good enough for the record. So yeah, that’s two 50ks on treadmills in two days. As a master. On a cruiseship. I’ll say it again, “freak of nature” is an overused term, but it applies to Iron Mike quite well.

“Exhilarating moments” for runners: I dunno, maybe half of these apply?

Altra shoes don’t work for me, but it’s a pretty awesome company. Learn more about how it started and how it was acquired here.  Ah, now you understand why they’ve got the cash to assemble such a great team.

Luke turns in some great pics from a gorgeous trail run around the Columbia River Gorge.

…and Leor goes on a similarly awesome run in the Carmel River Gorge.

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