Daily News, Mon, March 11

In case you missed it, Max King crushed the Way Too Cool 50k CR on Sat with a blistering 3:08 (that’s a 6:03 pace in case you were counting.) Megan Arboghast won the masters female division with a strong 4:06. Full results here…and a couple hundred pics I took here.

Here’s Jean Pommier’s report from WTC. Many more to come, I’m sure.

Here’s a Q&A with my Mom(!) from a Southern California running site. She’s 62, super-competitive, loves good beer, and hugely inspirational to all who know her.

Here’s an interesting chart that shows how many empty calories are in our food.

Did you hear our new podcast with Russ “the Kansas City Kid” Thomas? Yep, same guy we

Russ "Kansas City Kid" Thomas
Russ “Kansas City Kid” Thomas

interviewed a year ago, but we got such a huge response from the first episode, we caught up with him again to see how he’s doing.

The 17 weirdest things I do now that I’m a vegan.

From FB: Looks like Mike Morton does not have a stress fracture. Instead, there’s some shrapnel in his leg (wtf?) and he’s got tendonitis. Great news and we’ll see him out on the trail sooner than we’d thought.

Don’t let ITB syndrome screw up your season.

Two simple ways to survive calf soreness after racing.

Great post by Anton about his running roots.

Ian Sharman breaks down Noakes’ Waterlogged book and theory with personal experience.

Nursing while running. Well, not at the same time.

…speaking of female-centric advice, here’s a great piece on female hygiene in the backcountry.

URP was featured in this months’ Trail Runner Magazine. I don’t get the mag, the article isn’t online, so I guess you’ll have to look for yourself.

Does it drive you crazy when someone’s backpack is making all sorts of noise on the trail. Clanking, bouncing, and clicking? This guy has the solutions.








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