Daily News, Mon, May 12

Good stuff from Gary Robbins: The fatigue of failure.

Leor on the Silver Peak Loop.
Leor on the Silver Peak Loop.

Didya hear the new podcast with Leor Pantilat? He went from winning every MUT race around to concentrating all of his efforts on back country adventure runs. We talk competition, the state of the sport, steroids, and  whole lot more. Check it out here.

The guys from Ultra168 bring you Training Structures, part two.

Transvulcania results 1. Luis Alberto Hernando 2. Kilian 3. Sage….8. Tim Olson…10. Dakota  For the ladies: 1. Anna Frost….6. Jodee Adams-Moore…8. Krissy Moehl.  Here’s IRF’s take on the race.  And here’s a good video of the event.

Endurance training at 40+.

If you have a mountain race in Flagstaff, expect it to be fast.

Great video from TNF Transgrancanaria.

NUC: What cities have highest percentage of workers ride or walk to work?

Max King punched his WS100 ticket and Kaci “the Pixie Ninja” Lickteig solidified hers this weekend by setting new CRs at the Ice Age 50.

I’m not sure I fully understand what he’ll be attempting, but it’s on trail and it’ll take about a week.  UK folks any help?

Stay tuned today for a sneak peek of the new Ultimate Direction FastPack20. For those looking for most storage for longer adventures, this thing’s pretty sweet.

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