Daily News, Mon, May 13

Flagstaff AZ runner Rob Krar just demolished the Grand Canyon R2R2R record on Saturday, breaking Dakota Jones’ record by over 30 minutes with a total time of 6:21 for the 42 mile jaunt. Wow! Here’s his youtube page with some videos of the feat…and his awesome beard. ¬†Just an FYI, he’s running WS100 next month.

Meanwhile in the Big Ditch, the ultrapedestrian Ras completed the first (known) Triple Double crossing–that’s six crossings of the GC–fully unsupported in 68:10! Here’s his SPOT tracking and data. You caught that? Fully unsupported. He carried all his calories and gear and never accessed any drop bags for aid or support.

The difficulty of writing a good show review.

Boston runners who were stopped petition BAA for a guaranteed entry next year.  Appropriate answer to the situation?

Ellie won’t be running Comrades next month, due to an ankle injury. Must be pretty serious if she’s baling a month out. Heal up! Instead, I guess we’ll pay attention to this guy who’s running Comrades in a damn rhinoceros costume.

Speaking of which, how to sprain-proof your ankles by gaining the right balance.

Why Vegans and Paleos should stop hating each other. Well, I’d hate to eat dinner with either group, so there.

Cassie Scallon just crushed the (18 year old) Ice Age 50 record by 17 minutes. If Ellie’s ankle isn’t healed, I may have to put my money on Cassie for WS this year.

Current 24 hour records.

Americans dominate World 24hr Championships with Jon Olsen taking 1st OA (167.6 miles at 8:37 mpm pace) and Sabrina Little 2nd female OA (152.0 miles at 9:28 mpm pace and a new AR) with their teams right behind them. Yiannis Kouros’ record of 188.6 miles (7:38 mpm pace!) still stands from 1997…will that ever be beat?

So a bunch of weirdos met and raced their Eliptigos on a track for a mile. Any guess what the winning time was? Here ya go.

Full Transvulcania results here. Kilian and Emelie Forsberg took top honors.

WADA wants to increase ban to four years for first doping offense.

You’ve got three option on a hard run/race: Feel good, be uncomfortable, or suffer. Here’s one opinion on how to control that.

That photo on the front page is of my group running the Flume Trail on Saturday. Perfect! Photo by Ray Rios.

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