Daily News, Mon, May 20

Here’s a great interview with Scott Dunlap.

What does all the running shoe data tell us about what we are wearing?

Ever had beer ice cream?  This stuff actually sounds pretty good.

Massanutten 100 was this past weekend with James Blandford winning by 2 hours with an 18:30 and Sheryl Wheeler taking it for the ladies. Results here.

…And on the other side of the country, road speedster Chikara Omine and Joelle Vaught took top honors at Silver State 50 in Reno. Results here.

Brendan Davies breaks Kilian’s record at TNF100 in Australia.  That guy is on a roll right now!

“A police officer on a moped stopped me to ask for money, where I was going, and what I was doing.  I pretended to not understand him and just pointed to my bib.  He didn’t shoot me so I pressed on.” Dave James’ race report from February’s Fuego y Agua.

The most influential gear of all time? Silly list. Shoulda narrowed it down by sport.

Track fans: Did you see Kiprop’s kick at the 1500m in Shangai?!? Who’s the UR equivalent of Kiprop or Symonds who turns it on at the (comparable) last second to pass everyone and win?

One gal’s report from the Born to Run festival. Looks like a lot of fun.

People wear some strange costumes in big road races.

Yoga poses for common running injuries. Hey yoga instructors/entrepeneurs: Remember those workout videos from the 1980’s that showed three women doing three different ability levels of the same workout?  Make a yoga video like that for those of us with no flexibility. I’ll buy it.

Six stretches for runners.

Our new tagline is URP Daily: News, Views, Brews.  DG Allen sent in the submission from last week’s “name this page” contest and now he snags a free copy of Larry Gassan’s “100 Mile Finishers” book. Thanks for playing everyone!  Some great entries for sure.


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