Daily News, Mon, May 6

Check out these pics/report/video from a Trans-Zion crossing! Wow!

Ten reasons why you are not improving.

Disregard the last (brain fart) Miwok update…Dylan Bowman and Darcy Africa took top honors on the altered course.  Reports of downed flags and markings were prevalent. Was anyone there to report what happened?

Did you know there’s an actual scientific term for the different stages of collapse at the end of a race? Pretty interesting abstract, too. Check it out.

Iron Mike Wardian broke the World Record for a “half marathon on a treadmill” on Saturday with a 1:08:50–that’s 5:15 mpm pace. Here’s a video of him starting out and here’s our favorite podcast with him.

Which country has the most cheaters?

Badwater’s inaugural sister race in the Salton Sea starts today.  Have fun out there!

Speaking of races, here’s the elite list for next weekends Transvulcania. Now that is a stacked field!

Like dark dark dark beer? Check out my new review of Mission Brewery’s Russian Imperial Stout.

Adult reading: A running orgasm?

A new edition of the UltraTales e-zine is out. It’s a big download, but a bunch of good stuff in there.




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