Daily News, Mon, Nov 10

There are already 1800+ applicants for Western States ’15 and registration is open for another five days.

Nine craft breweries over a 22 mile run across Vancouver, all in costume. 

Jeff pushes hard and finishes 2nd at Rockledge Rumble 50k in Texas.

What were the first 100 shoes to cross the finish line at NYC marathon? I’d love to see a similar post about a big MUT event. Adidas dominated NYC, which brand would dominate, say TNF 50M or Lake Sonoma 50? Would it be different for a hundred miler? Are there many top MUT runners who get customizations like this?

I don’t assume this new waterproof hiking boot from HOKA was on that list.

Survey results from people who run to work.

Co-host Sarah finished her first hundred yesterday (Rio Del Lago) and did it in less than 22 hours. Nice work!

Ultrarunning and peak bagging with Davy Crockett.

This new sensor will analyze your sweat and provide feedback. I couldn’t handle it during a run, but it’d be fun to check out the data. h/t Stu.

I hate seeing articles like this, then read one like this: Kisorio opens up about the prevalence of doping amongst Kenyan runners.  And here’s one from a Kenyan paper.  None of this looks good.

Always a good reminder to lock up. I hate hearing about break-ins at trailheads.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a blister on my foot.  If I do, I’ll be careful how I care for it.

Just when I think some type of governing body would be good for the sport, I read something like this and want no part of the potential drama.

If you haven’t already, clear a spot tomorrow at 6pm PST for Western Time. Billy Yang is releasing his trail film about Sally McRae’s Western States journey and I’m anxious to see it.

More on the maximalist trend.

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