Daily News, Mon, Nov 18

Good stuff: Twelve keys to 100 mile success.

Mike Wardian’s double marathon attempt worked half way.  He won the San Antonio Marathon Sunday morning with a 2:31, but “only” came in 10th at the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Sunday evening with a 2:57.  It’s still probably good enough for a Guinness Record for fastest combined marathon time in a 24 hour period, right?

…speaking of records, this guy just beat the record for the fastest 100m dash on all fours. Check it out.

…and speaking of Japan, I’m constantly amazed by the depth of the talent in that country.  In a half marathon this weekend, eighteen guys came in under 63 minutes. Ho-ly crap.

All about stair training, from the guys at Ultra168.

Thanksgiving surpasses July 4 as #1 day for road races.

New Scott Jurek interview in a UK magazine. Here’s ours from last year.

and yet another response to the WSJ jacka$$ from last week.

In Lance drama, he’s implicating the former UCI chief in the ordeal.

This guy cut his Hoka in half to see what was inside.

…and here’s a piece on the latest trends in running shoes.

Anyone ever worn any of these Nike trail shoes?

If you’ve listened to many of our shows, you know we’re fans of the Beer Mile. Here’s more on the event.

wileyA coyote joins a high school XC race in Arizona.

I’d really like to see more of these pics from Matt Trappe.

Another cool head discusses the mainstream-ness of ultrarunning and Leadville.

And we interviewed one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable American ultrarunners alive last night. Any guesses? Hint: Not on the West Coast.

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