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So in case ya missed it, Max (and Ellie!) won World 100k Championships on Friday in Qatar. Here’s a bit more from his 2014:

-March 2014: 1st (and CR) Chuckanut 50k
-May 2014: 1st (and CR) Ice Age Trail 50 miler
-June 2014: 4th place at Western States 100
-Sept 2014: 1st place Bigfoot 10k (while pulling a stroller)
-October 2014: 1st place Warrior Dash World Championship OCR
-November 14: 1st place (new AR) World 100k Road Championships (Strava data here.)

Buy one of these, or run 100k in Qatar. Same result.
Buy one of these, or run 100k in Qatar. Same result.

Here’s a video I put together of the most ultra-competitive OCR in the world (including the guy above.) Brilliant narration and camera work by Dave James.

How do MUT elites (and some other random dude) deal with injuries? (Or you know, gut through the pain just to finish the race, then have persistent pain for the rest of your life.)

The LetsRun MENSA group discuses the theatrics, believability, and reality of runners collapsing at the finish line.

I’m 39. I guess it’s going to be an awesome year.

This 50k (with 10k competitors!) promises to be “the only biggest thing to happen to Ghana for the second time…At stake is a mouth watering prize for the ultimate winner with the second place and the third place also going home with a handsome prize.” Intrigued?

Jills and Beat’s Iditarod journey continues. Amazing people and incredible stories.

Where real news and MUT news collide:  “We want to show that people who look like us can be doing something positive.”

Jeff ran his first trail ultra two weeks ago, caught the bug, and signed up for another this past weekend. It poured rain, had tons of DNFs, and Jeff came out in first. What did he learn?

Exercising to avoid the Flu? It’s all about the sweet spot.

What she learned as a guide runner.

I got a few editions of Asia Trail Magazine in the mail last week and have been pouring over them. Not sure if they distribute to US, but great mag! (NFI)

What I want for Christmas: This guy to get back to work. What happened to the site?

Working (out) as a semi-professional athlete.

Site news: A whole bunch of gear reviews (gloves, 5 different shoes, shells, jackets, wool tops) and TNF Championship preview podcasts all coming out in next ten days. Stay tuned. (And my apologies if I’m slow to get back to you. This schedule has me slammed.)

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