Daily News, Mon, Nov 25

Inside the heart and head of an injured trail runner (and an ode to Frosty.)

Calories in vs calories outis it really that simple?

This guy is on a mountain run in the snow, and some jackasses are shooting automatic weapons in his direction.

Love beer and running? Join a club.

More on Gary Cantrell/Lazarus Lake, RD of Barkley. And here’s our interview with him from a while ago.

JFK50 results. No, not that Zach Miller, the other one…

…and this poster nails it. What other sports have the number of (successful) underdogs and unknowns that the running world has?

The best foods to protect your body from running damage.

Some pretty funny new GIFs from the whatisultra tumblr people.

What’s it like to freeze to death? Stay warm out there, folks.

Here’s a cool interview with Catra Corbett, conducted while on a run.

Video: How to become an ultrarunner…or at least look like one.

Zeke Tiernan is gearing up for a solid 2014 after a year off.

Catching up with a former HS XC champ. Injury, eating disorders, and disinterest.

Many people call us crazy, but does running ward off dementia?

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