Daily News, Mon, Nov 3

 How to train for the beer mile. Only problem is these guys use seltzer water instead of the real stuff. Come race day, they’ll have a big surprise.

Flagstaff had a huge weekend, with Emily Harrison winning World 50k Champs in Qatar and Nick Arciniage taking a 10th at NYC Marathon. Nice!

I have a running list of people in my head of whom I am terribly jealous. Daniel Rowland is on that list.

Alex Varner ran a 2:25 at NYC yesterday in windy conditions. Here’s his Strava data. Nice job!

Can I use halloween candy to fuel my training?

Here’s the new SkyRunning calendar for the US.  I’ll release our interview with Series Director Ian Sharman today (here it is!) where he answers all of our SkyRunning questions.

Sage’s MUT Runner trailer. Looks like a fun film.

The brain trust on the LetsRun message boards tries to figure out Sally McRae’s results.

I’m sure this is a great product for women, but it looks lil something I’d get stuck in.

NUC: Without any context, it sounds like some English lass slid down a hill on a big piece of plastic and almost made it to the pub.

If this little thing actually makes it to market, it’ll be awesome. Charge your phone by running!

Tough situation: Are Kenya’s coaches responsible for doping Jeptoo? Does she hold no blame?

Supergirl Pam Smith runs a 50k in costume in preparation for Worlds later this month.

Five tips for staying safe in the mountains.  An emergency weather warning map is a good idea.

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