Daily News, Mon, Nov 4

Want a sneak peek at an awesome race for your calendar? The Tahoe200 will circumnavigate Lake Tahoe in September and will likely attract top international talent to one of the most beautiful trails in the world.  I know the RD is looking for sponsors of all sizes, so if you’re a company looking to target outdoor lunatics, this may be a great opportunity.

Good piece on the sub-elite class.

…and there are the elites who may not have a perfect day, but still deserve the spotlight. Meb rules.

Foam Rolling 101.

If you’re wondering what the complaints against Leadville are, Sherpa John lays them out astutely right here.

And here we are again…running is bad for your heart.

Hey people, pick up your trash.

Is this a sign that the pendulum is starting to swing? [update: It’s back from the (un)dead]

Zach Bitter won the Chicago Lakefront 50 with a 5:12:36…that’s the fastest 50 miler in the US since 1981! Awesome!  Got more results?  We’re remodeling the house and my head is elsewhere.

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