Daily News, Mon, Oct 13

Social media and ultrarunning, part 2.

The best ultrarunners are 35+ years old. Why?

What’s 260 miles and has beer running through it? (My folks are there right now. Hi Mom and Dad!)  See where I get it?

Iron Mike is on a roll right now!  Definitely check out his interviews here and here.

Scene-from-Chariots-of-Fi-001 Sequel to Chariots of Fire to be made…though with a lot less running.

Jean’s report from Firetrails. Jean is one of those guys who keeps getting better with age, and after running racing Firetrails so many times, he has a lot to compare it to. Top 3 next year?

I’m a free market guy, but not one who supports beer monopolies.  

TNF Championships in Dec is the next “really big one” for me. Here’s the video course preview from ultrasportslive.tv from last year. They promise to do better than NBC’s coverage of the Chicago Marathon yesterday. Two miles to go, three Kenyans running 4:42 pace stride for stride….and they cut to commercial. Aaaaahhhh!

Thirteen reasons to ditch the gym and run outside instead.

Well, hell, looks like Ultra Trail del Mugello is getting added to my bucket list. How had I never heard of this race? Here’s the website.

Satire is dead: Meet Belgium’s new Minister of Health.

Stupid Miles: Krista was my co-host for the Luis Escobar interview.  She’s got some rad MUT shirts to sell here.

From Sherpa John’s RD series…“So how did it go?”

Interesting: People (including DaVinci) don’t know what running looks like.

Ouch! Great video of the last 7 miles of the Flagstaff SkyRace.

Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 review will be published today. Stay tuned!



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