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When is an ultra like a prize fight?

Video: The Ruby Muir story. Is that sped up are does she really descend that fast?

Nick Symmond’s track and field manifesto.  I can’t think of anyone in MUT running who’s fighting for progress like NS is doing. Whether or not you agree with his tactics (ahem, beer and betting on track meets), he’s not afraid to take on the status quo.

Ras discusses what is essential on the trail and how to gauge its importance.

Here’s a written interview with Mike Wardian and here are our interviews with him.

Oz did it. 2:25:13 at Hartford, beating Arnstein’s PR.

Meanwhile, Kimetto (who began running three years ago) ran the 4th fastest time in history, three months after suffering from freakin’ malaria.

Bummer. My road marathon is the same weekend as the Skydive Ultra, certainly one of the more unique events in our little world.

Race report from a race in Tuscany on a trail formerly used by salt bandits.  That’s him on the front page, too. Great pics!

For those interested, here are Ironman results. The top woman ran her marathon in 2:50:39, beating all but two of the male pros.  Blows my mind.

Joe C and Roxanne Woodhouse took top honors at Dick Collins 50, while Igor Campos and Sally McRae won the Cuyamuca 100k in SoCal.  Andy Prevost and Debbie Gibson grabbed top spots at Le Grizz 50 in Montana. New River Trail 50k results here. Who’s got more results?

Some calm and sane hill running advice from the Angry Jogger.  I would just add “use your arms and pump ’em like crazy.”

Speaking of hills, this guy is planning on breaking the marathon record on Everest.


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