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You could run R2R, or you could do what Buzz and some buddies did. Awesome! If I saw someone carrying flippers on their vest, I’d be a bit worried though.

Status update: Nobody cares what run you just went on.

Frosty went on a pretty epic tour of US trails this summer. Here’s her summary.

Max King bags $30k at the Warrior Dash 5k championships. In this letsrun thread, one guy describes the course in a good (and sane!) way and then a guy claims that 2nd place is capable of a sub 2 hour marathon.

Western States drops 3 aid stations for 2015.

How does your state stack up?  Can we see a list for ultras (and thus put the East vs West battle to rest?)

Awesome: Cemetery hosts races as a marketing tool.  A cemetery is also Ed’s choice training ground.

It’ll hopefully never happen to you, but another way running with at least one ear open saved a life. Yikes!

This guy runs a 2:30 marathon in Crocs.

Sarah finishes up her Grand to Grand series with the final few miles of the race.  If you haven’t read the trilogy, do so. Well written, emotional, it makes me really want to try stage racing.

He must not have seen my number, because he asked, “Are you the sweeper?”

The sweeper? …

I don’t know why I found his innocent question so offensive, but I did. I blurted out, “Are you kidding me? Sweeper, my ass!” and then I flipped him off.

He snapped a picture of my middle finger and then put down his camera and stared at me open-mouthed.

–That’s from Part 2.

Your morning haha: 2015 Ultra/trail predictions.

Report from a wet and sloppy trail race in Malaysia.

Tacky: If I were Sandes, I think I would have stopped the interview. Geez.

Quick report on USATF Trail Half Marathon championships. Guess what shoes everyone was wearing?

Having a down day? Get outside to get ahead.

Wow, have a look at the before/after from the mask worn at the Beijing Marathon. 

You can also add this marathon to the “avoid” list.

Three pretty good ways to stay injury-free.

Centurion Running’s Winter 100 (in the UK) has great tracking and results software. Check it out.

From what I can tell (having to trudge through the drama and fighting on the ultralist) is that Johan Steene won Big’s Backyard Ultra with 175 miles. Accurate results in comments below.

I didn’t know what “trundling” was, but now I recognize it as another reason rock climbing scares the crap out of me.

Twenty six people running a beer mile at once is a lot, but it also wasn’t on a proper track, so…

Tired of hearing my voice? Here’s a comprehensive list of running podcasts, with feeds.

Wardian bangs out another win at Tussey Mountainback 50 miler with a 5:40. Week after week after week after week the guy delivers.  And here, ask him anything!


Favor: Is anyone available to pace someone at Javelina in two weeks? If so, let me know. He’s flying in from PA, has no crew and no pacer. Let me know. Thanks!


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