Daily News, Mon, Oct 21

 Lucho (re)answers some good questions about training.  Here’s our podcast with him from looong ago.

If you’re familiar with The Spine race in the UK, this film will document the preparation and running of the 268 mile event.

OK, if these exist in ski goggles, how far away are we from having GPS connectivity embedded into sunglasses for running?  I’m not much of a techie, but it would be pretty sweet.

Essential nutrients you can’t run without.

Ed Whitlock, 82
Ed Whitlock, 82

I didn’t realize what a solid entrants list Javelina had this year.

URP hero Ed Whitlock ran a 3:42 at Toronto Marathon this weekend at age 82.

Ultrarunning Basics video lectures with Mike Arnstein.

Matt Flaherty and Cassie Scallon won Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile Road Championship. Both CRs, and Cassie was 2nd OA.

Results for Pony Express here.

Anyone have results for Flagstaff to Grand Canyon?

Watch this: Twenty minutes of unadulterated trail filth from the latest Skyrunning event.

Joe Uhan discusses one-itis…the issue of preparing and obsessing for one race, and what happens after.

Big huge thanks to those who’ve visited our Donation Aid Station recently.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it. Thank You.



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