Daily News, Mon, Oct 27

How has your last 4 weeks or racing gone? Here’s what Mike Wardian has done in the last four consecutive weekends:

Oct 5: TwinCities Marathon  2:21

Oct 11 Hartford Marathon  2:25 (3rd pl)

Oct 19 Tussey Mountainback 50miler 5:46 (1st pl)

Oct 26 MCM Marathon 2:25 (4th pl)

Speaking of the Marine Corps Marathon, Jean wins the 50-55 AG with a 2:53. His ability (like Mike’s) to run any distance from 5k to 100k is incredible.

Ladies: How to use your menstrual cycle to be a better runner.

Five universal truths about ultrarunning by AJW. Not one mention of WS?

Did you hear the new podcast with Jeremy Ebel? Pretty interesting dude who definitely does things his own way.

…and here’s a guest post about crewing for ultras and multi-days, with an emphasis on Jeremy’s recent run in Tennessee. Here’s a video from that event–Big’s Backyard Ultra.

Looking for an easy ultramarathon training schedule generator. Look no further.

Bemoan Facebook, but sometimes it works right. Check out Sarah’s story here.

Hey UK readers, I found the perfect job for you.

Since I’ll be 40 in February, I suppose this is good news.

Can you outrun depression?

Ten major running mistakes we keep making. I can get past most of them, but old #9 is my downfall.

I don’t understand treadmill studios.  Spinning makes sense to me (not all of have fancy bikes), but we can all run, right? What am I missing? (link to NYT has subscription thingamajig. Sorry.)

Big huge shoutout to URP guest Larisa Dannis (who just taught Ethan and I how to use HRMs last month.)  She ran a 50 min PR, 1st female, CR, and possible the fastest 50M run by a female in 20 years at the Fall50 USATF champs this weekend with a 5:59:11. Dang!

It’s not the race that’s dangerous, it’s the driving home part that’ll get ya.

IRF wraps up Les Templiers with results. Zach must’ve had a pretty crazy last few miles!

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