Daily News, Mon, Oct 28

This is a tough post to read on a Monday when many people are sitting in front of computers all day, instead of running coyote trails with sliced up legs.

Javelina Jundred results here. Hal won it in 14:56, but what’s really the most impressive is he did so with a newborn baby at home. And I thought I didn’t require a lot of sleep!  Rhonda Claridge brought it home for the ladies, and first time hundred miler (and URP friend) Michael Jimenez came in a solid 4th OA!

Ian Sharman bailed relatively early. Sounds like a wise move after such an intense few months.

Ultramarathons don’t have to be intimidating.

Why negativity is not my friend as a runner. Salty language alert from the Angry Jogger.

Some great trail pics out of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got to get up there some year for an autumn run.

The top ten longest hiking/running trails in the world. Interesting that so many of them are on the relatively small islands of Japan. And not one in the US? No mention of Tahoe Rim Trail? Appalachian Trail? Hello? [ah, OK, here’s his list of longest US trails.]

NUC: From the list of things a person with multiple sclerosis can’t do, we must erase “skydive onto Mount Everest.”

One free running form tip from a coach.

So it turns out those little voices in my head are actually good for me.

Here’s a great post with pics from the inaugural Stagecoach 100 miler.  Looks like I may be tempted to find a reason to go to the Southwest next year!

And here’s a bunch of pics I took at The Damn Run in Cool, CA yesterday.  Joe Van de Water won the half and what does he attribute his screaming time to? Masters Cross Country training and racing.

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