Daily News, Mon, Oct 6

Why ultrarunning is just like sex.

If you want to be a better and faster runner, this is what your easy day should look like.

Wanna qualify for Western States? Here’s the new list of races that’ll get you in.

Sarah’s report from Grand to Grand, part one.  Want to see what a race looks like when there’s no one running? Check it out.

You know how cheetahs expend all their energy on a big hunt, and if they don’t succeed, they’re worse for wear for the next attempt and so on? Most likely none of that’s true. They actually just wander around a lot.

Starving and cold, I swallowed down a box of curry chicken rice and five bananas with lots of hot Chinese tea.

–Rad report with pics from “The Sweetest Thing” ultra in Borneo. Add it to my bucket list, will ya?

Some fun fart factoids to talk about on your next run.

If you haven’t seen the beautiful video of this pro rider on some incredible trails and ridges, check it out here. It’s nuts.

Go home runner, you’re drunk. At least I hope that was his excuse.

Sherpa John rants for awhile about the changing ultra community, but finally gets around to saying that he loves Arizona and the ultra vibe there.

My list of your most influential ultra-people in the country.

Six unconventional exercises for trail running.

Add slacklining to the list.

Wanna help your local bum dirtbag? Here’s how.

Very interesting opinion piece about the amount of ultras in Australia. Do we have the same problem here?

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