Daily News, Mon, Oct 7

Ever wonder what sports fuel Kilian uses?

Ted Corbitt now has a website dedicated to him. What an amazing guy.

A Spartathlon DNF story (and pie chart.)

Are we in the golden age of (trail) ultrarunning?

Well, it’s certainly worldwide, as Vietnam just hosted a race with international runners.

Sometimes ya gotta run the hills.

…which segues well into my post about facing the reality of my running situation. Some have taken this on me “giving up” and not running ultras any longer. No way.  I’m just focusing my training on the marathon and will target flatter ultras in the near future.

Do you have lower back pain? I get it pretty bad a few times each year, sometimes while on long runs, sometimes in recovery.

Has anyone else had a hard time with aggressive rangers in the Grand Canyon? I’ve received three different emails from people who have been hassled for running the trails.

“My last thought about Kenya and what makes the runners here so special is their incredible self-belief. I have never met a group of runners so confident in their abilities, even if they are unproven. For example, you cannot tell the difference between a 2:04 marathon runner and a 2:20 marathon runner in Kenya; they exude the same confidence and self-belief. It seems that everyone here believes they are just one day, or one race, away from hitting it big, and with confidence like that, perhaps they are. They certainly aren’t afraid to take a risk and put it all out on the line, whether in a race or in training. Nothing great ever happens without taking a risk.”

-Ryan Hall, on his training trip to Kenya.

In station news…our new studio is built and we begin recording this week! Expect new podcast by Friday. Sorry for the delay, but it was expensive and took a bit of time.  And hey, we’re in Ultrarunning Magazine this month, page 25!

Also, I put together a URP Team on Strava.  If you’re interested in watching how an ultrarunner fumbles through marathon training, or if you’re just interested in being part of the team, join up!  It’s right there in the right sidebar.

Looks like it’s snowing in Colorado. Naturally, Joe Grant has some killer pics.

Tim O’s footage from UTMB.

This Aussie fella has a big few weeks of trail running ahead of him.  For his type of schedule, HOKAs probably make sense. (I still haven’t tried them.)

Good stuff: The five components of fitness. As ultrarunners we tend to focus on big miles and “just getting through it” but there’s more to it, isn’t there?

A photo guide to the Zoar Valley Trail in Ohio.

How long would it take you to run a marathon backwards…while juggling? Here’s video from the record.

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