Daily News, Mon, Sep 16

Will women ever be faster than men?

It drives me crazy when two competitors decide to run it in together, crossing hand in hand.  Apparently these guys don’t like it either.  This is from the finish of a triathlon. Incredible!

…and in another great finish, what happens when you put Haile, Mo, and Bekele Kenenisa in a half marathon together? Wow!

Good interview with Ian Sharman about his Grand Slam.

What I learned during my first DNF.

Suunto Ambit 2 vs Garmin Fenix.  Which is better?

…I still don’t own a watch, but these new Garmins look really awesome.  Might be tempted to buy one if the battery life was longer.

Run Rabbit Run in CO, Pine to Palm in OR, Headlands Hundred in San Francisco, Plain100 in WA, Hawk Hundred in KS, and Mark Twain Hundred in MO were all this weekend. Results aren’t posted for some. Here’s the RRR breakdown and here’s what happened at Pine to Palm.  I know the results of Headlands.  How’d the other races pan out?

Short news day. What did I miss?


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