Daily News, Mon, Sep 2

It’s Labor Day, so this’ll be short.

Very interesting…the owners of Rock n Roll Marathons have pulled all the elite programs (appearance fees, comped travel, etc) from their North American events, as they find that the every day runner doesn’t care what’s going on up front. ┬áIs this a harbinger for ultras?

…speaking of RnR, a runner just died at a half marathon.

Xavier Thevenard and Rory Bosio took tops at UTMB on Saturday. Rory dominated the women’s race, taking 2hrs off the CR, while the men duked it out the entire day (with Thevenard taking 2 min off Kilian’s CR.) Congrats to all finishers.

Solid inspiration from Joe Grant.

The 25 golden rules of running. Ha. I think I follow 5 of these.

The Ultra Trail World Tour will be starting in 2014, combining all the major ultras in the world (ahhh, so that’s where the name came from!) for one major award given to the runner who can afford to travel across the US, Europe, New Zealand, China, North Africa and Japan in one year and win the most points.

Check out what it takes to beat 42:55. Watch this.

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